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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of tobacco enjoyment and much more in the k kiosk tobacco store. We are your first port of call in Switzerland for a wide range of tobacco and related products. Our range includes high-quality brands from cigarettes, e-cigarettes & vapes, Tobacco heater, Tobacco, Snus, Snuff, Cigarillos & Cigars, CBD products and accessoriesthat cover all your needs.

Our variety of brands

Take a look at the variety of our cigarette brands and benefit from the easy way to order cigarettes online. No matter whether MarlboroDavidoff, the popular Pueblo cigarettes or the first-class American Spirit cigarettes. Our selection of cigarettes and tobacco is always available to you at fair prices.


Do you prefer to roll your own cigarettes? Discover brands such as Winston and Chesterfield. If you are looking for tobacco without additives, you are sure to find what you are looking for among the brands American Spirit and Pueblo. We also offer tobacco for making your own cigarettes from brands such as Marlboro, CamelWinston and many more. For tamping tobacco without additives we offer the brands Parisienne and Batton to.

Accessories and Smoking Products

A wide selection of suitable accessories for your smoking pleasure can also be found here. From BIC lighters to cigarette tubes from Winston up to cigarette filters from Zig-Zag.


Or discover our extensive range of e-cigarettes and vapes that covers all your vaping needs. Our disposable e-cigarettes are perfect for on the go or for occasional vapers. They are ready to use immediately and offer an uncomplicated vaping experience. Discover our selection of disposable e-cigarettes from renowned manufacturers such as ElfbarVuseCrystal or LikeMe and enjoy the freedom of vaping wherever you want.

Tobacco heater

Of course we also carry tobacco heaters so-called heat-not-burn devices (HNB) in our range. You will find the brands IQOS, Glo and Ploom before.


Experience the full pleasure of tobacco without smoking? That's what snus is - No smoke, no ash and no unpleasant odor. Discover now the snus from VELONordic SpiritnobleZYN and ¡VALE!. The snus variations from VELO and ZYN are even tobacco-free.

The official k kiosk tobacco store: More than just a pack!

If you cigarette cartons in the k kiosk tobacco store, you can benefit from up to 8% volume discount. As a smoking enthusiast, you can also look forward to a huge selection of top cigarette brands. Should you e-cigarettes, tobacco heaters or Snus you can benefit from a volume discount of up to 20%.

Discover the k kiosk tobacco store and enjoy the variety of tobacco and related products at unbeatable prices.

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