Collection: Snuff

Snuff is made from finely processed, fermented tobacco. In the production of Snuff, selected types of tobacco are often blended together. Through such a process, it is possible to obtain the rich variety of diverse Snuff brands offered in our k kiosk tobacco store.

Snuff: A Traditional Smoking Alternative

The origin of snuff lies in South and Central America, where it was used by the indigenous people living there. It is believed that the use of snuff is one of the oldest methods of enjoying tobacco. At the beginning of the 17th century, the first tobacco leaves came to Europe and were then used as a remedy for headaches, obtained by the different combination and processing of tobacco and different flavors, such as menthol or mint.

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You will receive when buying 2 cartons Snuff Red, Snuff Wintergreen, Snuff Blue and Snuff Yellow (20 cans) up to 15% discount. You save when buying several cans up to CHF. 20.70, which corresponds to a unit price per can of CHF 5.87 each - see for yourself.

Buy snuff online: Wholesome and Refreshing

Any form of snuff is placed on the back of the hand or between the index finger and thumb and gently drawn in with the nose. Through the nasal mucosa, the active ingredient of the snuff enters the body, soothing, stimulating or relaxing, - depending on which variety of the stimulant is used.

One of our most popular snuff tobaccos in Switzerland is the Snuff Gawith Apricot. It convinces with its moist cut and is excellent for daily enjoyment.

Snuff brands: The all-rounder Snuff

The most widespread snuff in the world is the so-called Snuff. This tobacco variation has its roots in England. Virginia tobacco from America and Africa serves as the basic ingredient. It is therefore recommended to use the traditional English way when consuming (index finger and thumb), so that the snuff is not pulled up too much, - so that its aroma is distributed over a wide area in the nose.

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Our cheapest snuff, the Snuff Ozona with menthol flavor is already available for CHF 3.60 per tin. If you buy at least 2 boxes (20 tins) you save up to 15% - which equals a total saving of CHF 12.60.