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A motto from the 1980s was: "If you have this taste, you have found your style". Benson & Hedges cigarettes thus successfully traveled halfway around the world and became one of the most successful cigarette brands of the Gallaher Group, which today, like Benson & Hedges, belongs to the tobacco products manufacturer Japan Tobacco International. The history of the brand goes back to 1870, to a time when Richard Benson & William Hedges opened one of the first tobacco stores in London. 

Starting from here, in a small street somewhere in London, the taste of a single Benson & Hedges cigarette gradually began to establish itself. The classic Benson & Hedges Classic Gold enjoyed a boom, especially in the 1970s, as the brand's radius increasingly expanded. Now, driven by new impulses, Benson suddenly stood for taste, style and enjoyment and still bear the legendary "EST LONDON 1873" on some packs today. 

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Benson & Hedges was now on every shelf in the world's major cities, and the brand still sees itself today as a cigarette steeped in tradition, always showing novel outbursts in its presentation. One look at Benson & Hedges tobacco shows that the company places a primary focus on the quality of the tobacco. These American Blend cigarettes stand for an intense, spicy taste, which can still be described as an excellent fine tobacco blend thanks to the European quality standards (current production in Germany).

Benson & Hedges cigarette

The most popular Benson & Hedges tobacco variety can be found in the excellent and full-bodied Benson & Hedges Gold Box. The American Blend blends are perfectly matched by this manufacturer.

Benson & Hedges cigarette nicotine content:

Benson & Hedges Classic Gold Box0.9 mg nicotine / 10 mg tar / 10 mg carbon monoxide

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