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A motto from the 1980s went like this: "Whoever gets this taste has found his style". Benson & Hedges cigarettes thus successfully went halfway around the world and became one of the most successful cigarette brands of the Gallaher Group, which today, like Benson & Hedges, belongs to the tobacco products manufacturer Japan Tobacco International. The history of the brand goes back to 1870, when Richard Benson & William Hedges opened one of the first tobacco stores in London. 

Starting from here, in a small street somewhere in London, the taste of a single cigarette Benson & Hedges gradually began to establish itself. The classic Benson & Hedges Classic Gold have a boom, especially in the 70s, as the radius of the brand increasingly expanded. Now, driven by new impulses, the Benson suddenly stood for taste, still & enjoyment and still today bear the legendary "EST LONDON 1873" on some packs. 

Benson & Hedges cigarettes buy online: From London to the world

In the metropolises of the world, Benson & Hedges was now on every shelf, and the brand still sees itself today as a traditional cigarette, which always shows novel outbreaks in its presentation. A look into the Benson & Hedges tobacco shows that the company has a main focus on the quality of tobacco. These American Blend cigarettes stand for intensive-spicy taste, which can still be called an excellent fine tobacco blend due to the European quality standards (current production in Germany). Also the newer Benson & Hedges Blue Box and Benson & Hedges Red Box carry the unique flavor, which is already known from the Classic Gold.

Benson & Hedges cigarette varieties

In our assortment you will find a total of three different varieties, which underline the flavor diversity of the brand. However, the characteristic smoke flavor remains with all Benson cigarettes. 

The most popular Benson & Hedges tobacco variety can be found in the excellent and rich Benson & Hedges Gold Box. The American Blend blends are very well matched with this manufacturer and so within the brand can be found in the k kiosk tobacco store two stronger and one weaker version of the Benson & Hedges tobacco. 

The following Benson & Hedges varieties are available in the k kiosk Tabakshop:

These varieties do not differ in the quality of their tobacco or their flavor. The main difference is in the strength and nicotine content. What is nevertheless true for all of the Benson & Hedges cigarette varieties is that they have an intensely flavorful, spicy smoke note that makes them so popular with almost all smokers.

Benson & Hedges cigarette strength: from blue and red to gold

While all Benson & Hedges cigarettes are described as having the same distinctive aroma of the affectionately named "Benson" flavor, the differences are in the nicotine content and strength. While the Benson & Hedges Blue Box get by with a lower nicotine content, can be found in the Benson & Hedges Red Box an increased nicotine content and a spicier taste. The original flavor with typical Virgina Blend you get with the filter cigarettes Benson & Hedges Gold, which is described by the special aromatic Benson & Hedges strength in the tobacco composition.

Benson & Hedges cigarettes nicotine content:

In the Benson & Hedges nicotine content also shows the difference in taste within the intensity of the Benson & Hedges strength. The exquisite Virgina tobacco is found in all cigarette packs and so the Benson & Hedges difference within the brand is represented and obtained through the processing procedure.

Benson & Hedges cigarettes price in k kiosk tobacco shop 

Order Benson & Hedges cigarettes at a low price at k kiosk and have your order delivered directly to your home. The Benson & Hedges Blue Box and the Benson & Hedges Red Box cost CHF 8.10 per pack. The aromatic and spicy Benson & Hedges Classic Gold Box is available from CHF 9.40 per pack. 

Benson & Hedges Price: Buy cigarette sticks and get 10% quantity discount

The typical character of the Benson & Hedges Red Box is now available for an affordable CHF 79.00 per carton (200 cigarettes). 

When you buy 3 cartons of Benson & Hedges Red, you save up to 10% and also get a free home delivery. In addition, the price is reduced to CHF 7.11 per pack, which is a total saving of CHF 23.70. 

Also, when you buy the popular Benson & Hedges Blue Box online, you pay only CHF 7.29 per pack when you order 3 sticks (total savings of CHF 24.30 + free shipping).

Order the classic Benson & Hedges Classic

Starting from an order of 2 sticks of the Benson & Hedges Classic Gold Box, you save up to CHF 12.88, receive free delivery and thus pay only CHF 8.56 per pack (instead of CHF 9.40).

You get an even bigger price advantage when you buy 3 cartons (600 cigarettes). You will also benefit from our free delivery, for a total saving of CHF 27.60 (CHF 8.56 per pack).