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American Spirit can look back on a varied and eventful company history. The American Spirit product was launched on the market back in 1982, at that time still under the name Natural American Spirit, by the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company. In September 2015, Reynolds American Inc. announced the sale to Japan Tabacco Inc.

The intention at the time was to launch a cigarette on the global market that was produced without artificial additives - the only exception: the American Spirit tobacco is treated with water and the company attaches great importance to this. Because the American Spirit cigarettes and the American Spirit tobacco are free from flavorings and synthetically produced additives.

Buy American Spirit online: Natural tobacco enjoyment

The brand has made a name for itself among rolling and plug lovers in particular and now also offers its unique tobacco in the form of filter cigarettes. American Spirit cigarettes also carry the authentic character of the versatile Virginia tobacco. Even today, the chieftain still appears on the company's logo as a symbol of natural smoking and continues to be characterized by agricultural and ecological methods. For all smoking enthusiasts who want an unadulterated tobacco, it is worth trying the American Spirit tobacco, as the tobacco was created especially for this clientele. In our kkiosk tobacco store you will find the classic American Spirit products at reasonable prices including delivery direct to your door.

From tobacco to cigarettes: the American Spirit varieties

An American Spirit smoker can confirm that the quality and price of the brand are in an absolutely wonderful relationship. Whether as rolling tobacco of the American Spirit tobacco varietiesor the American Spirit cigarette varieties - the brand has managed to preserve the incomparable natural tobacco taste in all its products.

American Spirit cigarettes

Depending on your preference, American Spirit offers both mild and strong tobacco blends. The American Spirit Natural Blue Box has a spicy, strong aroma and is also the variant with the highest nicotine content. For those who prefer the classic soft-pack style and want a lighter nicotine content, the American Spirit Natural Orange Soft is the perfect smoking experience.

American Spirit tobacco varieties

As with filter cigarettes, rolling tobacco is a testament to quality thanks to its incomparable fine and long-fibered tobacco leaves, making it the brand product of choice for rolling and self-tobacco smokers. The rolling properties of the American Spirit Natural Ryo Yellow is hardly comparable with other tobacco blends on the market. American Spirit Tabak has concentrated too much on the subtleties of rolling and thus provided a guarantee for perfect home-made cigarettes.

American Spirit strength: What does the tobacco taste like?

The aromatic taste is an absolute guarantee despite the American Spirit differences in the nicotine ratio - because the special manufacturing process and the absence of artificial additives preserve the original tobacco taste. 

One of the classic packets is the American Spirit Natural Yellow Box as the eponymous American Spirit Tobacco Natural Yellow Ryo are both incomparable Virginia tobacco varieties with a mild and aromatic tobacco flavor. They have a lower nicotine content than the stronger ones American Spirit Natural Blue cigarettes and Tobacco varieties which also provide a spicier smoke flavor due to a higher nicotine content.

American Spirit cigarettes nicotine content:

American Spirit Natural Blue Box 1.0 mg nicotine / 9 mg tar / 10 mg carbon monoxide

• American Spirit Natural Orange Soft 0.4 mg nicotine / 3 mg tar / 3 mg carbon monoxide

• American Spirit Natural Orange Box: 0,4 mg nicotine / 3 mg tar / 4 mg carbon monoxide

American Spirit Natural Yellow Box: 0,6 mg nicotine / 5 mg tar / 6 mg carbon monoxide

American Spirit differences in branded tobacco:

• American Spirit Natural Blue Ryo 25g 1.0 mg nicotine / 9 mg tar / 10mg carbon monoxide

• American Spirit Natural Blue Tin 70g 1.0 mg nicotine / 9 mg tar / 10 mg carbon monoxide

• American Spirit Natural Yellow Ryo 25g 0,6 mg nicotine / 5 mg tar / 6 mg carbon monoxide

The differences in the American Spirit nicotine content range from a milder aroma to the spicy character strength of the natural, free from artificial additives and original American Spirit tobacco. However, the smoking experience remains the same - no matter which product you choose from our range you decide on.

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Thanks to our quantity discount, our carton prices are very attractive and from a purchase value of CHF 160, shipping is also free. By the way: You benefit from the quantity discount from the purchase of 2 cartons or with loose tobacco from two cartons (10 pouches), e.g. with the American Spirit Natural Blue Ryo 25g.

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