Collection: Mary Long

The image of Marry Long has characterised this unique Swiss Made cigarette brand since 1953. Since then, the face of Marry Long has been the flagship of the aromatic Mary Long cigarettes. The popular Swiss cigarettes are part of the British American Tobacco Company, which is known worldwide for its excellent tobacco quality. 

Due to the many different varieties in the k kiosk assortment, lovers of Mary Long filter cigarettes have a wide choice of different flavours and aromas. 

Buy Mary Long cigarettes: Aromatic tobacco enjoyment

The appearance of Mary Long cigarettes caused quite a stir on the Swiss cigarette market at the time. On the one hand, it was an unexpectedly successful advertising influence, and on the other, the cigarette manufacturer was surrounded by wild rumours. It was the question of the famous lady who has adorned the brand's logo since the 1950s. The tobacco manufacturer's secret was never fully revealed. Mary Long is said to have been the ex-wife of creator Archie Dickens, who served as his inspiration. To this day, Mary Long tobacco has an unusual aromatic note. Perhaps this is why the brand is still a popular choice among smokers and occasional smokers alike. 

Mary Long cigarette varieties: Have you tried them?

The large selection of Mary Long varieties gives every smoker, whether pleasure smoker or occasional smoker, the opportunity to find his or her favourite flavour. In addition to the classic cigarette packs, you will also find 4 Softpacks in our assortment. The Mary Long Filter SoftMary Long Beige Soft, Mary Long Doppelfilter Soft and the Mary Long Extra Filter Soft are all popular cigarette packs in the soft pack. 

The Mary Long tobaccos are available in different intensities and flavours and cover the entire spectrum of the smoking experience. In the k kiosk assortment you will find all the well-known Mary Long varieties such as the popular Mary Long Double Filter Soft or the classic Mary Long Filter.

In the k kiosk tobacco shop you can choose from the following Mary Long varieties:

Mary Long cigarette strength: all flavours in one brand

Over the years, the brand has added more and more flavours to its range. Today, Mary Long Cigarette Strength is one of the most diverse on the Swiss cigarette market. For this very reason, smokers of pleasure as well as occasional smokers are inspired by the brand. Mary Long First Premiere is somewhat lighter, milder and therefore wonderfully suitable for smokers who want a reduced nicotine content. The Mary Long Beige Soft are also extremely popular with smokers who place particular value on a mild aroma. 

Mary Long Cigarettes Nicotine Content:

Depending on preference, the Mary Long nicotine content can be adjusted when choosing your favourite cigarette. For the most intense smoke flavour, the cigarettes in the Mary Long Filter Box or, optionally, the Mary Long Filter Soft count. The Mary Long differences are not only to be found in the nicotine content - it is advisable to try out the diverse range of the cigarette brand for yourself. Because one thing is certain about Mary Long: every pack has its own flavour. 

Mary Long cigarettes price in the k kiosk tobacco shop

Order Mary Long cigarettes at advantageous prices at k kiosk and enjoy delivery directly to your home. Mary Long Double FilterMary Long Filter und Mary Long Extra und Mary Long First Premiere  are available for as little as CHF 9.20 per pack. You can also get pure tobacco pleasure in the Mary Long Beige Soft, which is available from CHF 9.00 per pack. 

Mary Long Price: Buy cigarette sticks and get 10% quantity discount.

The distinctive, striking character of Mary Long is now available for an affordable CHF 92.00 per carton (200 cigarettes). You save up to 10% when you buy 3 cartons of Mary Long cigarettes and also receive free home delivery. In addition, the Mary Long tobacco price (when buying at least 3 cartons) is reduced to CHF 8.28 per pack, resulting in a total saving of CHF 27.60. If you opt for our Mary Long stick price (min. 2 sticks), we will deliver your purchase to your home free of charge for all Mary Long varieties in the k kiosk range.