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Vive le Moment' - more a vision than a motto. Gauloises has been captivating smoke lovers all over the world for decades with its spicy, aromatic dark tobacco. The richly flavoured tobacco is not only a well-known treat among tobacco experts - it also enjoys particular popularity in Switzerland with a market share of over 5%.

British American Tobacco took over the Gauloises brand in 2008. The cigarette brand, which is known worldwide through its logo, shows a Gallic winged helmet that adorns every cigarette pack. A logo that has sometimes distinguished the brand, designed by Marcel Jacno, since 1936.

Buy Gauloises online: A spicy tobacco experience

The different Gauloises cigarettes, which makes the range a particularly popular treat for smokers who prefer the classic aroma of dark tobaccos, - has a whole range of tobacco blends on offer. 

The finely balanced tobacco blends with a full-bodied taste can be found within the Gauloises family in every pack. Gauloises tobacco has been handpicked for over 100 years and connoisseurs of the brand speak of exactly this quality. Buying Gauloises means experiencing taste. In our kkiosk tobacco shop assortment you will find all popular Gauloises brands at attractive prices.

Gauloises cigarette varieties: Intense - Spicy tobacco experience

Every smoker knows the classic Gauloises Blondes, which is the brand of choice for all those who value a medium nicotine content and at the same time are looking for an intense smoke aroma.

Within the Gauloises varieties, a classic can be found with the Gauloises Blondes Bleu. The blue packaging with the Gallic winged helmet - for all those who strive for an authentic, unadulterated tobacco aroma. They are also one of the strongest Gauloises varieties in our kkiosk tobacco shop assortment.

Gauloises cigarette strength: Mild - Spicy tobacco

The different variants with extravagant flavours of Gauloises cigarettes range from milder and softer varieties like the Gauloises Lˈune Box to intense creamy and spicy flavours like those found in Gauloises Blondes Bleu

Since the flavour intensity can be freely selected, Gauloises differences are also apparent with regard to the filters. The range also includes spicy filterless cigarettes, the Gauloises Brunes No Filter Soft. Their strength also distinguishes them from the Gauloises Disque Bleu Filter Soft and yet they are often associated with each other on the basis of their flowery, spicy tobacco flavour.

Gauloises Cigarettes Nicotine Content:

Gauloises Brunes No Filter Soft: 0.8 mg nicotine / 10 mg tar / 9 mg carbon monoxide.

Gauloises Blondes Rouges Box: 0.5 mg nicotine / 6 mg tar / 8 mg carbon monoxide

Gauloises Lˈune Box: 0.4 mg nicotine / 4 mg tar / 6 mg carbon monoxide

Gauloises Brunes Filter Soft: 0.6 mg nicotine / 8 mg tar / 8 mg carbon monoxide

Gauloises Blondes Bleu Box: 0.8 mg nicotine / 10 mg tar / 10 mg carbon monoxide

Gauloises Maryland Filter Soft: 0.7 mg nicotine / 8 mg tar / 10 mg carbon monoxide

Gauloises Disque Bleu Filter Soft: 0.5 mg nicotine / 6 mg tar / 5 g carbon monoxide

Gauloises cigarettes price: 10% quantity discount and free shipping to your home

In our assortment you have the possibility to choose between single packs and stick prices. Our cheapest packs of Gauloises cigarettes are the: Gauloises Blonde, Gauloises L'une and Gauloises Bleu, which are available from as little as CHF 8.10.

The unit price of these packs is reduced to a fantastic CHF 7.29 per pack when you buy at least 3 sticks. This is a total saving of CHF 24.30 (plus free shipping).

Gauloises carton prices: Reduce the price of your purchase

The Gauloises carton price has further advantages when you order 3 cartons of Gauloises Brunes Without Filter online. You reduce the amount by a whopping CHF 28.80, get free shipping and receive 600 sticks.