Collection: Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike, founded in 1917 in the USA and since that day unchanged and recognised worldwide by the historic Lucky Strike logo - the Lucky Strike Bulls Eye. In the beginning, Lucky Strike distributed its chewing tobacco through the manufacturer R. A. Patterson from Richmond, Virginia (USA) - a place that was and still is known for its tobacco all over the world. The cigarette's recognition value not only ensures good taste, but buying Lucky Strike also means variety and fruity flavours. The manufacturer pushed its Lucky Strike tobacco mainly by fruity and lively notes in recent years, which appeals especially to casual and pleasure smokers. 

Buy Lucky Strike cigarettes: Rich and full of flavour

The Indian head is closely associated with the Lucky Strike symbol and is also intended to help define the smoking experience. With the slogan "It's toasted", Lucky Strike describes its winning process, which says a lot about the actual taste. Depending on the cigarette variant, you will find either authentic, mild tobacco or fresh, aromatic cigarette tobacco in the range of Lucky Strike cigarettes. You can find the Lucky Strike Original at kkiosk as well as many other flavours of the premium brand, which you can buy online in our kkiosk tobacco shop.

Lucky Strike varieties: variety and tradition

A strong aroma, a spicy flavour, - the harmoniously composed Lucky Strike cigarette varieties not only meet the quality standard, but also ensure an unusual cigarette assortment due to their own premium tobacco.

The Lucky Strike Original Red Box owes its speciality to a large proportion of Burley tobacco, which is known for a powerful smoking experience. But Lucky Strike also stands for variety and new taste experiences and diverse variants. With the Lucky Strike ToniqLucky Strike Unlimited DC and the Lucky Strike Wild, you will find very different double-click cigarettes in the kkiosk. Finely combined flavour or menthol capsules provide fresh and fruity experiences with a "click" and still offer the traditional Lucky Strike tobacco taste.

Lucky Strike Tobacco Varieties: Classic Fine Tobacco

You can also find Lucky Strike's tobacco for rolling and tamping yourself, Lucky Strike White Myo, for only CHF 47.88 (from 3 tins) in our kkiosk tobacco shop. Convincing cigarette tobacco made of a mixture of Virginia and Burley tobacco in combination with Lucky Strike Flow cigarette tubes (200 filters) - leads to an optimally coordinated tobacco pleasure.

Lucky Strike cigarettes strength: The differences in nicotine content

The world famous Top Taste of Lucky Strike Original is not only known for its traditional smoking flavour, but also stands for an increased nicotine content. It is considered one of the most intense and aromatic Lucky Strike cigarettes. The brand's fine-cut range nevertheless offers differences in Lucky Strike nicotine content, such as the new Lucky Strike Sky, which get by with half the nicotine content and still promise unique flavour in the name of Lucky Strike.

The Lucky Strike differences at a glance:

Lucky Strike Original Red Box: 0.8 mg nicotine / 10 mg tar / 10mg carbon monoxide.

Lucky Strike Toniq: 0.4 mg nicotine / 6 mg tar / 10 mg carbon monoxide

Lucky Strike Sky: 0.4 mg nicotine / 4 mg tar / 5 mg carbon monoxide

-Lucky Strike Unlimited DC: 0.5 mg nicotine / 6 mg tar / 5 mg carbon monoxide

Lucky Strike Wild: 0.5 mg nicotine / 6 mg tar / 6 mg carbon monoxide

Lucky Strike Amber Box: 0.5 mg nicotine / 6 mg tar / 6 mg carbon monoxide

Lucky Strike Blue: 1.0 mg nicotine / 6 mg tar / 7 mg carbon monoxide

The strongest Lucky Strike cigarette in the kkiosk tobacco shop is the Lucky Strike Blue - suitable for all those who prefer a full-bodied smoking taste. Lucky Strike attaches particular importance to the processing of its own tobacco and is emblematic of enjoyment, style and smoky, spicy taste. Another popular variety is the Lucky Strike Amber Box, which delivers an unadulterated taste through a fruitier and lighter note of the original tobacco and thus represents a counterpart within the strength to the Lucky Strike Original Päckli.

Lucky Strike cigarettes price: Benefit from our quantity discount from 2 cartons onwards

Our stick price for the Lucky Strike Original Red Box is reduced to CHF 150.66, - when buying at least 2 sticks. This corresponds to an individual price of CHF 7.53 per pack.

Free shipping and up to 10% off when you buy at least 3 cartons of Lucky Strike.

Within our kkiosk tobacco shop, you also benefit from free delivery on orders of 3 cartons of Lucky Strike cigarettes (600 sticks) or more. When you buy 3 cartons of Lucky Strike Unlimited DC, you save a total of CHF 23.70, which corresponds to an individual price of only CHF 7.11 per pack. Our popular Lucky Strike Sky is also available from a single price of CHF 7.29. per pack, a total saving of CHF 24.30, when buying 3 sticks (available now).

Lucky Strike Tobacco Price

When buying our Lucky Strike White Myo tobacco, you will receive up to 5% discount when buying 3 tins. This reduces the price per tin to CHF 15.96 each and a total saving of CHF 2.52.