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Pueblo tobacco is one of the most famous and at the same time one of the best natural tobaccos. The renowned company Pöschl Tabak first produced the popular fine cut tobacco in 2006, which can be found today in the products of Pueblo tobacco and Pueblo cigarettes. 

The word "Pueblo" means people or village. However, it is also used as a word for the indigenous people of the American South, known as "Pueblo Indians." These people are proficient in various crafts and live by certain characteristics. You are said to have first-rate skill in weaving and jewelry making. You are especially skilled at processing tobacco - the name of Pueblo Tobacco is inspired by this very quality. 

The company is one of the few players in a courted market, which presented and positioned itself as an independent company in the tobacco world. Above all, the quality of Pueblo tobacco, which is also found in Pueblo cigarettes, has catapulted the brand to the top of the "filter cigarettes without artificial additives". That's why Pueblo's slogan should never be missing: "Made from 100% tobacco leaf".

Buy Pueblo cigarettes: 100% tobacco without additives.

The inspiration and idea for Pueblo tobacco came from the natural cultivation methods of the Pueblo Indians, who through their knowledge and technique have centuries of experience in the production and extraction of tobacco. Gradually, the acquired idea of natural tobacco conquered the world. 

Today, Pueblo tobacco is almost a must for self-rolling and self-stuffers - at least "must" have tried the taste that Pueblo promises. 

Pueblo cigarette varieties: traditional taste and pure tobacco pleasure

Each cigarette and each tobacco at Pueblo carries the distinction of convincing through its high natural taste quality. The manufacturer refrains from using any additives such as humectants or preservatives, which gives the smoke flavor an unmistakable note. Due to this high-quality processing, Pueblo cigarettes and Pueblo tobacco have a fresh, aromatic and hearty tobacco flavor. The sweet fine-cut tobacco from American Virginia tobaccos is found in all Pueblo tobacco varieties and also the Pueble cigarettes varieties bear this characteristic character. In the k kiosk tobacco store you have the opportunity to buy the most popular Pueblo varieties online. 

Pueblo cigarette varieties:

Pueblo Tobacco Varieties:

The unadulterated tobacco in the various Pueblo cigarette varieties shows great diversity due to small changes in the manufacturing process. They differ mainly in intensity and spiciness, which is why it is worth finding your own favorite Pueblo flavor. Especially Pueblo tobacco is an excellent rolling and plugging tobacco, which in combination with the popular cigarette filters Pueblo Organic Slim completes the smoking experience. 

Pueblo cigarette strength: how strong are the differences in Pueblo?

The differences in Pueblo tobacco are mainly seen in the taste, intensity and spiciness. By completely avoiding additives, the tobacco is drier and finer than most tobaccos. 

There are different strengths of Pueblo, whereby one may assume that the Classic variants, both in the cigarettes and tobacco with the strongest variant. If we compare the Pueblo differences within the cigarettes, we can see that the two milder cigarettes are in the Pueblo Orange Box and the Pueblo Green Box. The Pueblo nicotine content is brought out in the interaction with American Virginia tobaccos and depending on your preferences, you can find several products in our assortment at once. 

Pueblo cigarettes nicotine content:

The traditional processing quality and the naturalness of the tobacco make the Pueblo tobacco one of the most aromatic ever. The treatment with water ensures that the tobacco remains very aromatic and carries an unadulterated original flavor. 

Pueblo Tobacco Differences:

Pueblo cigarettes price in k kiosk tobacco shop 

Get Pueblo cigarettes at great prices at k kiosk and have your order delivered directly to your home. The Pueblo ClassicPueblo Blue and Pueblo Orange Box are already available for CHF 7.60 per pack. You can also get the pure taste of tobacco in the Pueblo Green Box, which is available from CHF 7.80 per pack.

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The distinctive character of Pueblo cigarettes is now available for an affordable CHF 76.00 per carton (200 cigarettes).

When you buy 3 cartons of Pueblo cigarettes, you save up to 10% and also receive free home delivery. Additionally, the price is reduced to CHF 6.84 per pack for a total savings of CHF 22.80. When you buy the popular Pueblo Green Box online, you also pay only CHF 6.48 per pack when you order 3 sticks (total savings of CHF 22.80 + free shipping). 

Pueblo Tobacco Price: Buy tobacco without additives and save up to 15%.

Already with an order of 2 cartons (20 pouches) you get the Pueblo tobacco for cheap CHF 5.87 per pouch. 

If you choose 2 cartons, you will get both Pueblo Classic Ryo and Pueblo Blue Ryo delivered to your home and save a total of CHF 20.70 on both 30g pouches.