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Cigarillos & Cigars

Buy cigars online: Tradition and Pleasure

The cigar is a cylindrical strand of tobacco for smoking, consisting of cut filler tobacco in a binder and a wrapper leaf spirally rolled around the strand. The wrapper leaf, the most expensive leaf, used for Cigars must be strong, elastic, silky and uniform in color; it must have a pleasant taste and good burning properties.

Christopher Columbus and the explorers who followed him to Cuba, Mexico, Central America and Brazil noted that the Indians of these regions smoked a long, thick bundle of twisted tobacco leaves wrapped with a dried palm leaf or corn husk. Around the 1600, the cigar was introduced to Spain, where it became a symbol of conspicuous wealth for two centuries before becoming widely used in other European countries. The use of cigars in New England probably occurred shortly after the settlement of Connecticut in 1633.

Buy cigars at kkiosk Tabakshop: quantity discounts on almost all brands.

When buying at least 2 cartons of cigars, receive a quantity discount of up to 5% and benefit at the same time from our delivery to your home.

Buy online Cigarillos: Intense spice

The name Cigarillo comes from Spanish, and translated means small cigar. As with most cigars, pure tobacco leaves are used for the filler, binder and wrapper of the Cigarillos. For this reason, Cigarillos are the ideal companion on the go or for a relaxed, loosening smoking pleasure. They have an average length of 8 to 12 cm and a diameter between 0.5 and 1.5 cm. Cigarillos are usually produced by machine to ensure consistent quality. Basically Cigarillos not stored in the humidor, but this does not affect them negatively.

Buy Cigarillos: Take advantage of our offers

Cigarillos develop a more intense flavor due to their small diameter, which is why milder tobaccos are used in their production, while the flavor variety remains as high as in cigars. Our quantity discount ensures that when you order min. 2 cartons of Cigarillos you save up to 5%.

Cigarillos Brands

In our kkiosk tobacco store you will find various premium Cigarillos. Our assortment includes over 11 brands of various cigar manufacturers, for example, the popular Al Capone, Constellation, Villiger and Moods.

Our extensive offer provides you with quality Cigarillos of all kinds. Since every smoking lover has their different preferences, you will find various enjoyment options under each brand range. If you are interested in a complete full-bodied taste, we recommend Al Capone Pockets Filter (10 pieces). Made from selected Virgina tobacco, this cigarillo offers pure authentic pleasure.

Cigarillos with aroma

The special feature of Cigarillos is sometimes the aromatic variety. The question of whether a cigarillo is better with or without flavor is a matter of taste. Who likes it a little sweeter and still looking for a compact, - balanced taste, will be satisfied with the Moods Sweet (10 pieces) and their appealing flavor.

Cigars brands

Decisive in the quality of the cigar are the tobacco leaves, the binder and the appearance. This is how the cigar gets its local and qualitative classification. Of course, the storage of each cigar also plays a major role to preserve the flavor and intensity that each cigar carries.

The selection in our assortment offers you the opportunity to choose from these quality cigars from 8 different cigar manufacturers.

Renowned brands like Churchill, Dannemann, Habanna and Villiger are the status symbols for many cigar smokers for a cozy time out.

CBD Cigarillos

Selected and sun-ripened Cigarillos impress with their aromatic and natural hemp flavor. A combination of CBD flowers and finely matured tobacco bring the CBD Cigarillos to a new smoking experience. With its Java wrapper and a CBD content (<1.0% THC), as well as a blend of different Virgina tobaccos, Al Capone brought exceptional Swiss CBD cigarillos into the market. The origin of the CBD flowers: 100% Swiss - hardly any other brand will be able to convince you with this quality.

Only Cannard offers an equivalent CBD enjoyment with their Cannard CBDCigarillos, such a characteristic aroma of cannabis and select tobaccos from overseas.

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