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Buy cigars online: Tradition and enjoyment

The cigar, is a cylindrical tobacco strand for smoking, consisting of cut filler tobacco in a binder and a high-quality wrapper, it offers an incomparable smoking experience. 

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Discover a first-class selection of cigars. With the purchase of at least 2 cartons cigars, we offer generous volume discounts of up to 5%. And the best thing is, we deliver them directly to your home.

Cigar brands: quality and selection

The quality of a cigar depends on the tobacco leaves, the wrapper and the external appearance. Our selection includes cigars from 8 renowned cigar manufacturers, including Churchill, Habanna and Villiger. These brands are synonymous with cozy enjoyment and quality.

Cigarillos Buy online: Intense spice in a small format

The term "cigarillo" comes from the Spanish and means "small cigar". Cigarillos are made from high-quality tobacco leaves for the filler, binder and wrapper and are the perfect companion for on the go or as a snack. They are usually produced by machine to ensure consistent quality. 

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Cigarillos are characterized by their intense flavour, as they have a smaller diameter. Milder tobacco varieties are used in production, while the variety of flavors is retained. With our quantity discount, you can save on an order of at least 2 cartons Cigarillos save up to 5 %.

Cigarillos Brands: Quality and variety

Our range includes over 11 brands from various cigar manufacturers, including popular names such as Al Capone, Constellation, Villiger and Moods. Each brand offers a unique taste experience. From full-bodied aromas to sweet nuances - we have the perfect cigarillo for your taste.

CBD Cigarillos: The best of tobacco and hemp

For a unique smoking experience we offer CBD Cigarillos consisting of selected, sun-ripened tobacco leaves and aromatic hemp flavor. Al Capone and Cannard offer first-class CBDCigarillos with a characteristic cannabis aroma and selected tobaccos from overseas. The CBD flowers come 100% from Switzerland and guarantee the highest quality.

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