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Cigarillos and cigars

Discover our extensive range of Cigarillos and cigars at reasonable prices. Cigarillos are suitable for enjoyment between meals, whereas the enjoyment of cigars is really celebrated.

Cigarillos Buy online: Intense spice in a small format

The term "cigarillo" comes from the Spanish and means "small cigar". Cigarillos consist of high-quality tobacco leaves for the filler, binder and wrapper and are the perfect companion for on the go or for in-between. They are usually produced by machine to ensure consistent quality. 

Cigarillos Buy now: Benefit from our offers

Cigarillos are characterized by their intense flavour, as they have a smaller diameter than cigars. Milder tobacco varieties are used in the production process, while the variety of flavors is retained. With our quantity discount, you can save on an order of at least 2 cartons Cigarillos you can benefit from attractive prices.

Cigarillos Brands: quality and variety

Our range includes over 11 brands from various cigar manufacturers, including popular names such as Al Capone, Constellation, Villiger and Moods. Each brand offers a unique taste experience. From full-bodied aromas to sweet nuances - we have the perfect cigarillo for your taste.

CBD Cigarillos: The best of tobacco and hemp

For a unique smoking experience we offer CBD Cigarillos consisting of selected, sun-ripened tobacco leaves and aromatic hemp flavor. Al Capone and Cannard offer first-class CBDCigarillos with a characteristic cannabis aroma and selected tobaccos from overseas. The CBD flowers come 100% from Switzerland and guarantee the highest quality.

Buy cigars online: Tradition and enjoyment

The cigar is a cylindrical tobacco rod for smoking, consisting of cut filler tobacco in a binder and a high-quality wrapper, it offers an incomparable smoking experience. The quality of a cigar depends on the tobacco leaves, the wrapper and the external appearance. Our selection includes cigars from 8 renowned cigar manufacturers, including Churchill, Habanna and Villiger. These brands are synonymous with cozy enjoyment and quality. 

Each cigar has its own unique taste. The Churchill Morning is a harmonious yet strong cigar in Corona format with a Sumatra wrapper. As the name suggests, it is ideal for enjoying in the morning. The Villiger Premium No. 8 Aromatic consists of a wrapper leaf from Indonesia and is characterized by a special pipe tobacco blend. This gives the Villiger Premium No. 8 Aromatic a taste that lives up to its name.

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