Collection: Batton

The manufacturer convinces with its original and first-class tobacco selection, which can be found in all Batton tobacco products. The individual flavoring of Batton cigarettes and popular Batton tobacco is created through high-quality manufacturing steps and has appealed to a wide range of tobacco lovers for many years. 

Batton Cigarettes and Tobacco Buy: High quality tobacco for occasional and pleasure smokers. 

Compared to other cigarette brands, Batton cigarettes are pleasantly spicy and carry a distinctive character. This is precisely why both Batton products are so popular. On the one hand, the Batton cigarettes convince with their low prices, but this is in no way reflected in the tobacco quality. Also the Full Flavor Batton tobacco, which is offered in conjunction with the Batton cigarette tubes and the Batton cigarette stuffing machine, enjoys great popularity for rolling and stuffing. 

Batton cigarettes varieties: Substantial smoking pleasure 

Our k kiosk tobacco store offers you a wide selection of the most popular Batton cigarettes. A total of three varieties are in our assortment, including the Batton Original Box, which stands for a full-bodied and strong aroma. However, cigarettes without additives can also be found at the manufacturer. For all those who value an untreated smoking pleasure, the Batton Free Blue Box is recommended. These cigarettes without additives have an unadulterated aroma and were also produced without humectants. 

The following Batton cigarettes are available in the k kiosk tobacco store: 

Our Batton tobacco varieties:

The Batton tobacco varieties for roll-your-own and self-stuffers come in the same variations as the Batton cigarettes. Here you will also find a tobacco without additives (Batton Free Volume Tobacco), a Full Flavor Volume Tobacco (Batton Full Flavor) and the slightly aromatic Fine Volume Tobacco (Batton Fine Flavor). The flavorful volume tobacco consists of selected tobaccos such as Virginia, Burley and Oriental.  

Batton cigarette strength: Sophisticated volume tobacco

The differences in Batton tobacco are mainly found in the taste, its flavor intensity and spiciness. Since Batton Free Blue and Batton Free Volume tobacco are completely additive-free, the tobacco is also a bit drier and more delicate than many other tobaccos. Batton comes in a variety of strengths, though we can assume that the Classic variant (Batton Original Box + Batton Full Flavour Volume Tobacco) is one of the strongest variants, both in terms of cigarettes and tobacco. If we look at the Batton differences within the cigarettes, we see that the milder cigarettes are found in the Batton Gold Box and the milder tobacco is found in the Batton Free Volume. The Batton nicotine content is developed by alternating Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobaccos and can be found in several products in our range depending on preference. 

Batton cigarettes nicotine content and Batton strength: 

Batton tobacco nicotine content and tobacco differences:

Batton cigarettes price in k kiosk tobacco shop 

Order Batton cigarettes at excellent prices at k kiosk and get your order conveniently delivered to your home. The Batton Gold Box, the Batton Free Blue Box and the Button Original Box are already available for only CHF 6.50 per pack. 

Batton price: buy cigarette sticks and get 10% quantity discount 

Now you can get the expressive and proven brand character of Batton cigarettes at the low price of CHF 65.00 per carton (200 cigarettes). By buying 3 cartons of Batton cigarettes, you save up to 10% and also receive free home delivery. In addition, the price is reduced to a low CHF 5.85 per pack, which is a total saving of CHF 19.50. 

Batton tobacco price 

If you order only 3 tins (95 g per tin), you will receive Batton tobacco at a low price of CHF 16.00 per tin. If you decide to buy 3 tins, you will receive all Batton Fine FlavourBatton Full Flavour and Batton Free Volume  delivered to your home and reduce the single price to CHF 15.20 per tin.

Of course, in the k kiosk assortment you will also find the necessary Batton stuffer for all those who want to make their own cigarettes, as well as the popular Batton tubes (250 pieces).