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The American blend tobacco in the Marocaine cigarette comes from a collaboration with British American Tobacco Switzerland, part of the international British American Tobacco Group. Marocaine cigarettes are usually found in the hands of smoking enthusiasts who value an intense smoke aroma. The workmanship and quality of the cigarettes are in line with the standards of the BAT Group and Marocaine cigarettes are made with quality tobacco. The cigarette brand is no longer advertised in this country - the image of Marocaine cigarettes is based solely on the taste that these filter cigarettes once had in Europe.

Buy Marocaine cigarettes: Super, Extra and the classic Beige Soft

The Marocaine Super Soft, Moracaine Beige Soft and the Marocaine Extra Soft all share an intense, spicy tobacco aroma. Thanks to the blend of the finest tobaccos, Marocaine cigarettes are just as aromatic an experience for discerning smokers as they are for occasional smokers. All packs are only available in soft packs, which is why for a long time they appeared to be accessible to a very specific group of people. The Marocaine still have the same style, the same print and the same message, which makes the packaging seem almost nostalgic.

What hasn't changed as much as the classic print is the content. Marocaine tobacco has a unique cigarette flavor and is a popular choice for both occasional and recreational smokers.

Marocaine cigarette varieties in soft packs 

The powerful flavor of the cigarettes is created by a blend of the best Marocaine tobacco varieties. The quality cigarettes from Marocaine are made from a carefully selected blend of Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobaccos to meet the highest standards. Marocaine cigarettes delight with their unique smoking experience and are therefore popular all over the world.

In the k kiosk tobacco store you can choose from the following Marocaine varieties:

Marocaine Super Soft

Marocaine Beige Soft

Marocaine Extra Soft

The Marocaine filter cigarettes in the soft pack delight smoking enthusiasts with a particularly sophisticated, strong and spicy taste.

Marocaine cigarette strength

Mature tobacco leaves are the basis for the production of every single cigarette from this manufacturer. This is how the comprehensive enjoyment of the brand is created, the smoke intensity of which is described solely by the process of harvesting and further processing. The strength of Marocaine cigarettes varies slightly depending on the variety. For example, Marocaine Super Soft cigarettes are full-bodied and strong, while Marocaine Beige cigarettes are described as milder.

Marocaine cigarettes nicotine content:

Marocaine Super Soft: 0.8 mg nicotine / 10 mg tar / 9 mg carbon monoxide

Marocaine Beige Soft: 0.3 mg nicotine / 3 mg tar / 3 mg carbon monoxide

Marocaine Extra Soft: 0.5 mg nicotine / 6 mg tar / 5 mg carbon monoxide 

As can be seen, the Marocaine differences are sometimes due to the specific Marocaine cigarette nicotine content. Depending on preference, excellent and perfectly balanced tobacco blends can be found here. The full-bodied smoking pleasure of Marocaine is particularly recommended for smokers who value a strong smoke flavor. A somewhat more intense smoke flavor can be found, for example, in the Marocaine Super Soft and the Marocaine Extra Soft. 

Marocaine cigarettes price in k kiosk tobacco store

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