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The history of Pepe Rich cigarettes goes back to the 17th century, when the founder Johann Wilhelm von Eicken began to process unprocessed tobacco that he bought in to make high-quality, high-smoking tobacco. The slogan "Aus Freude am Tabak" (For the joy of tobacco) testified to his passion and his demands with regard to the quality of his products. As he experienced the tobacco himself, he also wanted to offer Pepe Rich cigarettes to a wider market and so the company still produces the same cigarettes with the same quality standards in the name of Johann Wilhelm von Eicken.

Over the years, it became apparent that Johann Wilhelm von Eicken's understanding of tobacco preparation was bearing fruit, and he continued to produce top-quality tobacco for years to come. It was important to him that the consistency, but also the trust in Pepe Rich, was never lost. It is precisely for this reason that Pepe Rich cigarettes continue to set a clear standard in the tobacco sector to this day. 

Buy Pepe Rich tobacco: Natural and without humectants 

The unique tobacco, which is available in 30g pouches, stands for an intense, spicy taste and does not contain any artificial humectants. The Pepe Rich Green Pouch has thus remained true to its idea of good and natural tobacco over the years. The convincingly pure and authentic flavour is what makes Pepe Rich cigarettes so exclusive and special.

Pepe Rich cigarette varieties: Passionate taste 

Authentic tobacco for authentic people: that's what it says on every pack of Pepe Rich. Two different Pepe Rich varieties are offered in the k kiosk tobacco-shop, but both are made from finely selected Virgina tobacco and the Pepe Rich product promise is clearly defined: 100% pure Virgina - without compromise!

The following Pepe Rich cigarette varieties are available at k kiosk Tabaksop: 

Pepe Rich tobacco varieties:

For self-rollers or self-stuffers, we recommend the Pepe Rich tobacco: Pepe Rich Green Pouch in the 30 g pack. The elegant fine-cut tobacco convinces with a first-class flavour and is free of artificial additives at the same time. The Green Pouch is ideal for rolling and plugging and has a light and aromatic smoking flavour. 

Pepe Rich Cigarettes Strength: Natural smoking pleasure through quality

The focus is on tobacco cultivation and processing, which allows the filter cigarettes to retain their distinctly natural character. Compared to other cigarette brands, the nicotine content of Pepe Rich cigarettes is in the medium range, yet they have a powerful aroma. The genuineness and the experience when smoking testify to a well thought-out production and an original Virgina tobacco fine blend. 

Pepe Rich cigarettes Nicotine content: 

The Pepe Rich differences show and can be shown by the ingredients, but these differences hardly affect the taste of the branded cigarettes. For lovers of an authentic and aromatic smoking experience, Pepe Rich tobacco products are exactly the right choice. Pepe Rich strength thus describes itself as genuine, natural and heartily aromatic, - just as its founder Johann Wilhelm von Eicken once intended. 

Pepe Rich cigarettes price in k kiosk Tabakshop 

Pepe Rich cigarettes are not only high quality in enjoyment, but also economical on the wallet. There is no need for expensive advertising campaigns and so the single pack of Pepe Rich can be purchased for as little as CHF 7.20.

Pepe Rich prices: Buy cigarette sticks and get a 10 % quantity discount 

When you buy at least 2 cartons of Pepe Rich cigarettes (Pepe Rich Green Box & Pepe Easy Green Box), our Pepe Rich price is reduced to CHF 6.70 per pack - a total saving of CHF 10.08. 

You can get our cheapest Pepe Rich cigarettes offer by buying 3 cartons (equivalent to 600 cigarettes). This means you pay only CHF 6.48 per pack and also benefit from our 10% quantity discount. This gives you a total saving of CHF 21.60 and we will deliver your order to your home free of charge. 

Pepe Rich Tobacco Price

The rich tobacco from Pepe Rich can be ordered for CHF 5.00 online. You save a total of CHF 7.50 when you buy at least 2 boxes (10 pouches) of Pepe Rich tobacco. This reduces the unit price per tobacco pouch to CHF 4.25 per Pepe Rich Green Pouch 30 g pouch.