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A slogan that proves itself to this day: "Marlboro. The taste of freedom and adventure." - Marlboro cigarettes are among the best-known cigarette brands in the world. Mainly due to the tobacco quality and variety that Marlboro has established on the market, the company is one of the 10 most valuable brands in the world. The classic red and white Marlboro pack has been gaining popularity with its full and authentic smoke flavour since 1955 and is still considered the flagship of the Marlboro brand today.

Marlboro tobacco: variety and flavour variations

With its variations, Marlboro offers different enjoyment experiences for every taste and intensity. The brand's diversity is reflected in different strengths and flavours such as the popular varieties: Marlboro RedMarlboro Flavour Mix, as well as Marlboro Gold,, which are considered somewhat milder varieties, but still carry the unique Marlboro enjoyment. The brand also offers spicy taste experiences for menthol lovers and has found unique smoke flavours with the varieties Marlboro White Mint and Marlboro Beyond Blue.

Marlboro varieties: For every taste - unique enjoyment

Marlboro provides a whole range of flavours with its assortment. These not only differ in strength, but also carry their own individual flavour. Whether the classic red and white Marlboro pack or the spicy menthol cigarettes, in our assortment you will find the most popular Marlboro tobacco varieties.

In the k kiosk tobacco shop you can buy the following Marlboro cigarettes:

Also in our assortment: Buy tobacco from Marlboro

If you decide to roll or stuff your own cigarettes, you will also find an expressive, high-quality brand tobacco in our assortment: Marlboro Red Fine Cut TinMarlboro Gold RyoMarlboro Red RyoMarlboro Gold Fin Cut Tin.

Every packet - a taste experience

Marlboro cigarettes are characterised by their precisely coordinated blends of different tobaccos. Marlboro uses a blend of Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobacco for its unique taste experience. 

Marlboro cigarette strength: For a sophisticated smoking experience

Marlboro cigarettes are selected from the exquisite tobacco varieties Virgina, Burley and Orient, which give the brand its inimitable smoking experience. The taste of Marlboro Gold, for example, is defined as harmonious and mild due to its reduced nicotine content. 

Here is an excerpt from our Marlboro cigarette varieties and the respective Marlboro nicotine content:

Marlboro Red: 0.9 mg nicotine / 10 mg tar / 10mg carbon monoxide

Marlboro Gold: 0,5 mg nicotine / 6 mg tar / 7 mg carbon monoxide

Marlboro Beyond Blue: 0.4 mg nicotine / 6 mg tar / 5 mg carbon monoxide

- Marlboro White Mint: 0.5 mg nicotine / 6 mg tar / 7 mg carbon monoxide

Marlboro Additive Free: 0.5 mg nicotine / 6mg tar / 7 mg carbon monoxide

The high quality Marloboro cigarette tobacco differs not only in taste but also in its specific strength. Marlboro Red is still the strongest and more intense variety, while Marlboro Mix (also known as Marlboro Medium), for example, can cope with a little less nicotine and has a slightly milder finish. The Marlboro Mix cigarettes American Blend filter cigarettes stand for a balanced smoking pleasure with their spicy-aromatic taste and moderate nicotine content.

Marlboro Gold is also much milder, due to its slightly higher Virgina tobacco content. No matter which variety you choose in the end, the quality of the American Blend cigarette tobacco can be found in every single pack.

Buy Marlboro cigarettes: Profit from our carton prices

In our assortment you have the possibility to choose between single packs and carton prices. Our cheapest pack of Marlboro cigarettes is the Marlboro Red Sustainable City pack, which is available from just CHF 8.40. Save up to 10% and benefit from our free shipping when you buy at least 2 cartons of Marlboro cigarettes. Our Marlboro tobacco price is reduced to CHF 8.37 per pack and a total of CHF 12.60 (+ free shipping) when you buy 2 cartons of Marlboro Red. If you decide to buy 3 cartons, you will benefit from a saving of CHF 27. This corresponds to an individual price of CHF. 8.10. Discover the selection of Marlboro cigarettes in our k kiosk range.