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Extra strong moments feel better with flavor. Snus is a common form of oral tobacco and has a long tradition in Scandinavia. A moist, smokeless tobacco appreciated by those who value intense flavor. One of the oldest snus varieties was marketed as early as 1822 and is still produced in a similar way today. The tobacco is dried, ground and then water is added. Already since the 19th century, such tobacco is not fermented, but exclusively heat-treated. In the process, a small portion of the snus tobacco isis placed under the upper lip.

Snus varieties - The right tobacco for every taste

In our snus assortment you will find different flavors in different strengths. From high nicotine content to light products for beginners - take a look at our Brand assortment.

Snus brands - variety and tobacco quality

Are you looking for intense exotic flavors? With over 75 products from a total of 20 brands, we have the right flavor for every taste. You will find different combinations and different varieties in the k kiosk assortment:

- Makla Snus

- Odens snus

- Skruf snus

The products we offer are conveniently delivered to your home. Due to their low harmfulness, but also the reduced exposure of fellow human beings to secondhand smoke, snus has grown into an interesting alternative for tobacco lovers. With a wide selection of different qualitative snus tobacco manufacturers, you can easily order snus tobacco online in Switzerland. Our quantity discounts will convince you.

Snus prices - Profit from our quantity discounts

Buy in our k kioskTobacco Shop Snus and have your product delivered directly to your door. With our quantity discount you save for example when buying 2 cartons Epok snus (180 pouches in total) up to CHF 21.78 You have the possibility to get a quantity discount of up to 22% on all snus brands. Convince yourself of the taste of smokeless tobacco and benefit from our attractive offers.

Our product range offers just the right choice for all snus lovers. In ourk kiosk Tobacco Shop you will find according to preference to the intensity, flavors and combinations of selected tobaccos - see for yourself.