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Our CBD products come from organic, sustainable Swiss cultivation and offer a real alternative for all those who want to give up tobacco consumption but do not want to miss out on the pleasure of smoking. In addition, our CBD Cigarillos hemp flowers from 100% natural Swiss cultivation and are paired with premium tobacco quality.

Of course, CBD can be consumed in addition to or in combination with tobacco - preferences and personal taste are still paramount here. According to the World Health Organization, CBD poses no addiction-related dangers and is subject to strict legal regulations, which is why the sale of CBD products has increased significantly in recent years.

Buy CBD online: The natural alternative

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid extracted from the female hemp plant, also known as cannabis. The diverse effects of CBD have been researched worldwide in various studies and investigations and show an anxiolytic, relaxing and anticonvulsant effect on the body. CBD does not cause intoxication, but can have pain-relieving and calming effects.

This is due to the body's own cannabinoid receptors, which are widely present in the body. CBD binds to these receptors and unfolds its light, sweet-aromatic effect.

Buy CBD flowers online: Pure CBD enjoyment

Our high-quality Swiss CBD flowers have a special aroma and differ in taste, appearance, effect (depending on the person) and special flavor.

Each flower - unique taste

For those who prefer an aromatic and harmonious smoking experience, we recommend the Ganja Slash CBD CUT 6g and the Alpine Dwarf Outdoor. Both have an exceptional aroma and leave a pleasant scent. With a slightly sweet note, the Swiss Weed varieties and the Sonnenfeld Premium Cut unique taste experiences.

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Thanks to our volume discount, you benefit from attractive prices and shipping is also free from a purchase value of CHF 160. By the way: You benefit from the volume discount from the purchase of 2 cartons, which usually corresponds to 6-8 bags.

Ordering CBD products online at k kiosk tobacco store means: large selection, great quantity discounts and fast delivery.