Collection: CBD

Our CBD products come from organic, sustainable Swiss cultivation and thus form a real alternative for all those who want to give up tobacco use and yet do not want to give up the pleasure of smoking. CBD cigarettes are 100% natural from premium indoor quality Swiss hemp flowers.

Of course, CBD can be consumed in addition or in combination with tobacco - preferences and one's own taste are still paramount here. CBD products have, according to the reports of the World Health Organization, no addictive dangers and are subject to strict legal bases, - which is why the sale of CBD products has been increasing in recent years.

Buy CBD online: the natural alternative

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a so-called cannabinoid and is extracted from the female plant of hemp, - also known as cannabis. The multifaceted effects of CBD have been researched in various studies and investigations worldwide and show an anxiety-relieving, relaxing, but also decramping effect on the body. CBD does not have an intoxicating effect, but it can trigger analgesic and sedative effects.

The reason for this lies in the body's own cannabinoid receptors, which are already located throughout our body. CBD binds to these receptors and unfolds its light, sweet-aromatic effect. 

Buy CBD flowers online: pure CBD enjoyment

Our high-quality Swiss CBD flowers have a special aroma. They differ within the taste, the optics, the effect (depending on the person) and the special flavor.

Every blossom - unique taste

If you like it aromatic, almost harmonious when smoking, it is recommended for you to try the Black Widow CBD Hempire Medium and the Alpenzwerg Outdoor. Both carry an extraordinary aroma and leave a pleasant smell. The aroma even more sweet with Swiss Weed (different varieties) and the Sonnenfeld Premium cut as both get a unique note through lively tastes.

Our KKIOSK Tabakshop CBD prices: up to 20% on quantity discount

Benefit when buying 2 boxes of our CBD flowers (z. B.Swiss Weed) from up to 20 %. The total price is reduced by a total of CHF 16.80, this corresponds to a single price of CHF 11.20 per bag.

Buy Pre Rolls online

When buying our Pure Pre Rolls With 100% Swiss hemp flowers you will save a total of CHF 28.32 if you order at least 2 boxes (24 pack). The unit price is reduced to only CHF 4.72 per pack.

Also our Heimat Hanf Pur Product, made in Steinach on Lake Constance, is available from CHF 159.20 when buying at least 2 cartons (200 pre-rolls). You get a total saving of CHF 39.80 - ecological products and cheap alternatives at kkiosk Tabakshop, for all those who want to do without artificial products.