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The R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (RJR) was founded by R.J. Reynolds in 1875. The second largest tobacco manufacturer in the U.S. brought in 1954 the cigarette brand Winston on the market and is since then among the leading tobacco companies worldwide. The Winston tobacco convinces with a spicy and mature aroma. Also popular are the Winston cigarette tubes, which you can also purchase in our k kiosk tobacco store.

Winston cigarettes: For unmistakable smoking pleasure

The leading brand of the JTI Group (JTI: Japan Tobacco International), has made a name for itself through its incomparable smoking pleasure. The success is also reflected in the fact that Winston cigarettes are sold in over 130 countries and inspire smoke lovers all over the world with high quality standards. The motto of the Winston brand seems to confirm this: Winston tastes good like a cigarette should.

Those who want to save costs, do not want to give up a qualitative smoking experience and at the same time are looking for an unadulterated cigarette aroma, will find with Winston, the brand of their choice. You will find the most popular Winston cigarettes in our k kiosk tobacco store with attractive stick prices. Buy Winston cigarettes online has never been so easy - see for yourself.

Winston varieties - for a strong aroma

The Winston cigarette varieties convince with an extravagant taste. Whether Winston Classic or the newer Winston Expression Duo, the excellent tobacco appeals to different tastes with its adventurous aroma and spicy note. Winston is known for its strong and smoky aroma. Due to the reduced nicotine content that the Winston brand offers, the cigarette also shows itself as a popular filter cigarette among casual smokers.

Winston cigarettes generally stand for intense and aromatic-spicy flavor. The expressiveness of the brand is shown not only in its variety, but also through its harmoniously matched tobacco. For price-conscious smokers who do not want to do without high-quality filter cigarettes, Winston is an excellent choice.

Also in our assortment: Buy tobacco from Winston

For those who decide to roll or plug cigarettes themselves, Winston tobacco is also an expressive, high-quality brand tobacco in our assortment (various sizes available): Winston Blue HVT Stand-Up Pouch BagWinston Blue BeutelWinston ClassicWinston Blue HVT Myo

How strong are Winston cigarettes?

The extravagant smoky flavor of Winston cigarettes is also evident in the differences in nicotine content. The variety of Winston cigarettes ranges from intense floral flavors to softer and milder notes. The diverse variants offer the special experience for every smoking pleasure due to the finely selected American Blend tobacco.

In the following list you will find different Winston cigarette strengths based on the Winston tobacco nicotine content:

Winston Classic: 0.8 mg nicotine / 10 mg tar / 10mg carbon monoxide.

Winston Sky Silver: 0.3 mg nicotine / 4 mg tar / 5 mg carbon monoxide

Winston Silver: 0.3 mg nicotine / 4 mg tar / 5 mg carbon monoxide

Winston Blue Music: 0.5 mg nicotine / 6 mg tar / 6 mg carbon monoxide

Winston Blue: 0.5 mg nicotine / 6 mg tar / 7 mg carbon monoxide

Winston Expression Duo: 0.5 mg nicotine / 7 mg tar / 7 mg carbon monoxide

Winston White: 0.1 mg nicotine / 1 mg tar / 2 mg carbon monoxide

Winston Superslims: 0.6 mg nicotine / 7 mg tar / 6 mg carbon monoxide

Winston tobacco strength - One brand much flavor

Depending on which pack you choose, you will find different coordinated tobacco blends within the Winston brand. The Winston Classic convince by their substantial smoking pleasure with strong-spicy tobacco flavor. When you buy Winston Classic cigarettes you decide for high-quality filter cigarettes with high nicotine content. Depending on which variant you choose; of course, Winston cigarettes also offer different strengths for every taste. A very light variant Winston offers with the Winston White cigarettes and thus offers all lovers an aromatic option.

Buy Winston Cigarettes: Benefit from our carton prices

In our assortment you have the possibility to choose between single packs and carton prices. Our cheapest pack of Winston cigarettes is the Winston Expression Duo pack, which is available from as little as CHF 7.90. You can save up to 10% on your purchase of Winston cigarettes if you choose to buy our Winston sticks. Our Winston tobacco price is reduced to CHF 7.63 per pack and a total of CHF 11.48 when you buy 2 cartons of Winston Blue Music. If you decide to buy 3 cartons, you will benefit from a saving of CHF 24.60, which corresponds to a single price of CHF 7.38. Discover the selection of Winston cigarettes in our k kiosk assortment.