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Richard Joshua Reynolds founded the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company back in 1875 and had over one hundred employees just eight years later. In the beginning, the company mainly sold snuff and chewing tobacco. The famous Camel logo followed in 1913 when R.J. Reynolds was looking for a symbol for his brand to allow associations with the Orient. Interestingly, he got the idea for the logo from a picture. The photo of a dromedary named Old Joe, which belonged to the "Barnum and Bailey" circus in Winston-Salem, North Carolina at the time, became the trademark of the Camel cigarette. The change to smoking tobacco took place at the beginning of the 20th century and consisted of a mixture of Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobacco (American Blend).

Camel tobacco: the authentic taste of smoke

The world-famous advertising slogan "I'd walk a mile for a Camel" was created as early as 1921. Camel contributed to the development of pack sizes from the usual 5 or 10 packs of that time to the 20 packs we know today. Camel cigarettes are adapted to the European market, especially to the taste preferences of European smokers. In January 2017, the British tobacco company British American Tobacco announced that it was buying up the tobacco company, including the Camel brand. The world-famous brand with its unique Camel flavor stands for an intensely balanced smoking experience. You will find a large selection of Camel cigarette in our k kiosk tobacco store.

Camel varieties: An authentic experience for every smoker

Whether you are a habitual or occasional smoker, the classic Camel Yellow Filters are famous and notorious for their taste. Camel Yellow Soft Filter pack or the classic Camel Yellow Box Filters pack. With its classic smoky aroma, the subtly aromatic taste is popular with anyone who values the intensely typical oriental tobacco mix. If you still don't want to miss out on the well-known Camel pleasure with its unique Camel tobacco at a low nicotine strength, it's best to go for the Camel Blue Box or Camel Essential White Box.

The tobacco blend is based on the current trend: lower strength but still full of flavor. The Camel range also includes authentic tobacco enjoyment - without any additives: Camel Natural Flavor means passionate and natural enjoyment with high-quality selected tobaccos.

Camel cigarette strength: one brand - unique flavor

The Camel nicotine content is available in all variations and ranges from 0.4mg nicotine (Camel Essential White Box) up to 0.8mg nicotine (Camel Yellow). 

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While Camel Essential cigarettes (without additives) impress with their fully aromatic and creamy taste, Camel Yellow Filters have the classic character of the Camel brand and score points with their higher strength level. To experience the Camel differences, it is also worth taking a look at the popular Camel Activate Purple Spark which stand out from other cigarettes thanks to their taste sensations and the "double click". This tobacco flavor is complemented by the freshness of mint or purple, while the original Camel taste is not lost, but is wonderfully transformed into a fresh experience with one or two clicks.

The Camel cigarette nicotine content and its variety can be found in the following list:

• Camel Essential Blue: tar 6mg, nicotine 0.6mg, carbon monoxide 6mg

• Camel Yellow Box Filters : tar 10mg, nicotine 0.8mg, carbon monoxide 10mg

• Camel Silver Box: tar 4mg, nicotine 0.3mg, carbon monoxide 5mg

• Camel Blue Box: tar 6mg, nicotine 0.5mg, carbon monoxide 7mg

• Camel Essential Brown: tar 10mg, nicotine 0.9mg, carbon monoxide 10mg

Camel Orange Soft: tar 8mg, nicotine 0.6mg, carbon monoxide 9mg

Camel Orange Box: tar 8mg, nicotine 0.6mg, carbon monoxide 8mg

• Camel Essential White: tar 4mg, nicotine 0.4mg, carbon monoxide 5mg

Also in our assortment: Tobacco from Camel

If you decide to roll or plug your own cigarettes, Camel tobacco is another high-quality brand tobacco in our range:

Camel Blue HVT 70g

Camel Yellow Ryo 25g

Camel Blue Ryo 25g

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