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With just a few hand movements, the tobacco is rolled or tamped itself until it is ready to smoke. In the k kiosk Tobacco Shop you will find a wide selection of different tobacco brands as well as numerous different tobacco variations. Whether tobacco to roll yourself, tobacco to stuff yourself or pipe tobacco, our tobacco store will not let you search long for your favorite tobacco:

Take a look at the range of brands and categories of our product range. Our store is geared to offer the enjoyment product that suits you best. To offer a full-bodied taste to every smoke lover, manufacturers use different tobacco blends. These variations create unique tobacco nuances.

The popular "American Blend" tobacco is obtained from three main varieties: Burley, Virgina and Orient and offers wonderful properties as tobacco for plugging or tobacco for rolling yourself. The variety of tobacco blends ensures that the right flavor is available for every taste. The special feature here: Each tobacco is already processed for self-rolling and cigarette stopper high quality.

Order tobacco: A versatile product

Cigarette rolling has been part of human culture for thousands of years. As early as the end of the 15th century, Christopher Columbus brought the tobacco plant from the Bahamas Island to Europe. Before that, the enjoyment of tobacco remained within the circles of princes and nobles. Today, the tobacco plant has been made available to the general public through an elaborate extraction process. The tobacco plant belongs to the group of nightshade plants. Most tobacco varieties require special climatic conditions, which is why it is mainly planted in temperate zones of the USA, Brazil, Malawi or Zambia, Turkey or Greece.

Tobacco to taste: tobacco for rolling and self-stuffing

Buy tobacco online according to your taste - from tobacco without additives to tobacco for self-stuffing. The full-bodied taste of tobacco is made possible by sealed packaging such as the fresh pouch. Each tobacco lives from its unique flavor, so this does not have to lose its freshness, you can find the right product depending on your preference.

Do you like an aromatic spicy tobacco, take a look at the Fred Ryo Special Blend pouch 35g. With a blend of Virgina (60%), Burley (25%), Oriental (15%), the Fred Ryo Special is a harmoniously balanced rolling tobacco. For tobacco lovers who value a tobacco free of additives, the Pueblo tobacco is available in two different variations: Pueblo Classic Ryo Tobacco 25gand Pueblo Blue Ryo Tobacco 25g. The lighter in taste is Pueblo Blue Ryo. The special thing about both tobaccos is that they are free of any additives.

Buy tobacco without additives online: Your wish - uur brands

Another popular tobacco for rolling is the tobacco from American Spirit. This tobacco blend stands for high quality without additives. In the slogan " only sunshine added" shows the preference of the American Spirit, which is treated (in addition) only with water. For cigarette stoppers, the American Spirit Natural Blue is offered here, which is wonderfully suitable for American Spirit Natural cigarettes in a 70g package. Also for rolling lovers, American Spirit offers two of their tobaccos in a 25g pouch:

The rolling tobacco of American Spirit is fine and long-fibered and is ideal for rolling cigarettes due to its pre-adjusted processing. A full-bodied flavor and aromatic spice also offers the tobacco of Drum. From finely balanced light and dark tobaccos is the fine spicy Kentucky-Virgina tobacco with its unique taste. The Drum Original Halfzware Shag 40g and the somewhat milder Drum Bright Blue 40g are premium tobaccos made for a premium rolling experience.

Tobacco brands: Over 70 products from more than 30 manufacturers

Every smoke lover swears by his or her tobacco - if you have already found your favorite blend, you will surely find it in our k kiosk online store. Even for those who are still undecided, we offer a wide selection of different tobaccos to order and try. Depending on your preferences, a range of products is offered: Whether classic fine cut tobacco or spicy volume tobacco, each manufacturer ensures that the tobacco is kept moist and aromatic when making cigarettes.

Already during production, care is taken to ensure that the tobacco has the right consistency when rolling cigarettes. You can find in our online store popular tobacco brands like: Pueblo, Batton, Winston, Lucky Strike, Marlboro, Chesterfield, Parisienne, American Spirit, Fred and many more. Take a look at our brand selection, - whether they already have a preference or not - you will find in every respect.

Tobacco Cheap Order Online

Tobacco use doesn't have to be a drain on your wallet, which is exactly why you'll find attractive bulk discounts when you buy tobacco online. Receive when buying tobacco in the k kioskTobacco Shop up to 15% quantity discount.

Save up to 15% when buying 2 cartons of tobacco

Real bargain when buying cigarette tobacco does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality. Save on the purchase of 2 cartons (a total of 12 bags), the popular tobacco variety Parisienne Authentique Without Pouch 25g, or Parisienne Authentique Jaune 25g, total SFr. 11.70.

For pipe lovers up to 25% discount

The Borkum pipe tobacco consists of 60% Black Cavendish and 40% Virgina tobacco. The traditional tobacco of Borkum stands for fine glow and excellent pipe aroma. In our online store you have the opportunity to save up to 25%. The Borkum Reef Original Bag 50g as well as the Borkum Riff Whiskey bag 50g, are available with a savings of SFr. 24 when buying 2 boxes (10 bags).

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