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The Vogue cigarette was created with a certain sense of pleasure. Inspired by freedom and culture, Voque is the epitome of French pleasure - elegant and exclusive. Vogue cigarettes take no cue from other cigarette brands, quite the opposite. The Superslim cigarettes were launched in 1950 to break old conventions, they were not advertised as the classic filter cigarette from day one. One of the main targets was on the modern woman, which is why the design to this day carries the touch of haute couture. 

Buy Vogue Cigarettes: Elegance and class in tobacco form

Although the Vogue are made for all smoke lovers have, but the brand has made an excellent name, especially in the world of women. Vogue cigarettes have made it clear what it means to combine lifestyle, pleasure, brand and Vogue tobacco. The radiant designs are one thing, but the balanced Vogue tobacco also has excellent quality. The cigarettes have excellent smoking characteristics and are made from a blend of fine Virgina, Burley and Oriental tobacco. 

Vogue cigarettes varieties: One brand - diverse flavors 

In our assortment you will find the most popular Vogue Superslims. One of the latest launches of the manufacturer are the Vogue Clic Violette, which, as the name suggests, allow for the double click flavor. Since Vogue is part of the British American Tabacco Company, the brand's top quality is evident in each of the Vogue tobaccos. Even in the Vogue Menthol Box, which carries a light, mild and aromatic note, the top tobacco is complemented by a special menthol flavor. 

The following Vogue varieties are available in the k kiosk tobacco store:

Vogue cigarettes strength: rounded classic taste 

In the Vogue assortment, everyone will find his or her suitable flavor. Because although the Vogue differences do not appear considerable at first glance, each Vogue pack hides its own little world. From menthol to click flavor indulgence, the Vogue strength varies according to taste preferences. The mildest version can be found in the Vogue Lilas box. This Vogue cigarette is also one of the most popular packs due to its aromatic note and smooth flavor.

Vogue Cigarettes Nicotine Content:

The Vogue nicotine content includes lighter and spicier variants, but all of them follow the note of a natural flavor. Vogue cigarettes do not taste artificial or bland, they have a full-bodied flavor despite and precisely because the brand has chosen exclusively Superslim cigarettes. As can be seen, Vogue Clic Violette are the strongest cigarettes considering the nicotine content of 1.0 mg nicotine per cigarette. 

Vogue cigarettes price at k kiosk tobacco store 

Get Vogue cigarettes at great prices at k kiosk and have your order delivered directly to your home. Vogue Lila and Vogue Bleue are already available for only CHF 9.50 per pack. You can also find the aromatic and delicious Vogue Menthol and Vogue Clic Violette in the k kiosk tobacco store for CHF 9.50 per pack. 

Vogue price: buy cigarette sticks and get 10% quantity discount

The unmistakable and typical tobacco character of Vogue cigarettes is now available for an affordable CHF 95.00 per carton (200 cigarettes). Already with the purchase of 2 cartons you will receive a free delivery directly to your home. 
When you buy 3 cartons of Voque, you save up to 10% and also receive free delivery to your home. In addition, the price for all Voque brands is reduced to CHF 8.55 per pack, which is a total saving of CHF 28.50.