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The Parisienne cigarettes in a simple design are particularly popular not only in this country. At the beginning of the 21st century, the Swiss cigarette manufacturer's market share rose rapidly and was the best-selling cigarette brand in 2003 after Marlboro. Parisienne simply means "Parisian". It was founded by Martin Burrus from Alsace, who was based in the canton of Jura, more precisely in the town of Boncourt. The production site for Parisienne cigarettes is still located there today.

Parisienne tobacco - an unmistakable character

With its unmistakable character and aroma, Parisienne tobacco is one of the most substantial Swiss cigarette manufacturers. The Parisienne Jaune Cigarette uses a harmonious blend of Virgina, Burley and Oriental tobacco in the production of its cigarettes. The high quality of American Blend filter cigarettes is not only appreciated by trend-oriented smokers, but also by all smokers who are looking for a mild, spicy smoke flavor.

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The floral fresh aroma of Parisienne tobacco strength

The taste of Parisienne cigarette tobacco is difficult for aficionados to compare with other cigarette brands. With its mild, spicy taste, the cigarette brand is characterized by its harmoniously balanced tobacco blend and is very popular not only with pleasure smokers but also with occasional smokers.

The Parisienne cigarettes differ in nicotine content:

• Parisienne Blonde

Parisienne Orange Without

Parisienne Jaune

Parisienne Orange Without

Parisienne Blonde Petite

Parisienne Verte Without

Parisienne Ciel

Parisienne Rouge

Parisienne tobacco varieties: Enjoyable tobacco

Anyone who decides to roll or plug their own cigarettes will also find Parisienne tobacco to be a very expressive, high-quality tobacco. Tobacco from Parisienne with its special American Blend tobacco mixture is a smoking pleasure for all cigarette lovers who value a fine to bitter tobacco taste. Parisienne tobacco varieties are not only characterized by their special aroma, but are also known for their special, naturally smoky aftertaste.

You will find unique enjoyment experiences in all Parisienne tobacco varieties:

• Parisienne Chez Moi

• Parisienne Authentique Jaune

• Parisienne Authentique Without

• Parisienne Without Tin 70g

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Parisienne Glo Neo tobacco sticks

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