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Parisienne cigarettes in a simple design enjoy special popularity not only in this country. At the beginning of the 21st century, the market share of the Swiss cigarette manufacturer rose rapidly and was the best-selling cigarette brand after Marlboro in 2003. Parisienne simply means "Parisian". It was founded by Martin Burrus of Alsace, who was based in the canton of Jura, or more precisely in the town of Boncourt. Even today, the production site of Parisienne cigarettes can still be found there.

Parisienne tobacco - an unmistakable character

With its distinctive character and aroma, Parisienne tobacco is one of the most substantial Swiss cigarette manufacturers. Parisienne Jaune cigarette brand uses harmoniously blended Virgina, Burley and Oriental tobaccos in cigarette production. The high quality of American Blend filter cigarettes are appreciated not only by trendy smokers, but also by all smokers who are looking for a mild-spicy smoking taste.

Parisienne is not only known for its exceptional tobacco taste, but also the in-house Parisienne cigarette tubes are first-class products. Buying Parisienne cigarettes online has never been so cheap and easy as in our k kiosk tobacco store.

Parisienne cigarette varieties: Enjoyable tobacco

The cigarette brand with its special American Blend tobacco blend is a smoking pleasure for all cigarette lovers who value a fine-tart tobacco taste. Parisienne cigarette varieties are not only characterized by their special aroma, but are also known for their special, naturally smoky aftertaste.

Unique pleasure experiences can be found in all Parisienne tobacco varieties: 

The floral fresh aroma of Parisienne tobacco strength

The taste of Parisienne cigarette tobacco is difficult for its lovers to compare with other cigarette brands. With its mild and spicy flavor, the cigarette brand is distinguished by its harmonious blend of tobacco and is very popular not only with pleasure smokers, but also with casual smokers.

The Parisienne cigarettes differences in nicotine content:

Parisienne cigarettes prices: Take advantage of our quantity discount

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