Collection: L&M

The cigarette brand L&M is one of the most popular worldwide. The fact that the abbreviation stands for light and mild was for a long time intended purely as an advertising slogan. What only the fewest people know: In fact, the abbreviation stands for Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company. Today, L&M cigarettes belong to the tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris and can be found all over the world.

The box of the classic L&M Red Label Box was then, as now, drawn by two lions that "hold" the logo together. The Full Flavour of L&M tobacco is unique and has an incomparable characteristic. 

Buying L&M cigarettes means original cigarette pleasure

The L&M smoking experience is found in a combination of a smooth button yet full-bodied flavour. This makes the cigarette so popular with all smoke lovers. The unadulterated tobacco flavour also allows L&M to integrate new variations into its range without losing its unique taste. The brand also shows itself to be inventive and modern, for example with the popular L&M Forward Box (with click effect).

L&M cigarette varieties: original tobacco taste 

When L&M launched its first cigarettes, they were deep red. Today, the L&M Red Label Box is still one of the manufacturer's flagship products, although there is an increasing focus on the diversity of L&M varieties. Thus, the cigarette brand has shown clear innovations and new taste experiences in recent years. L&M's American Blend cigarettes have always been characterised by quality and taste, which is why they still fall under the category of "premium cigarettes". 

The following L&M varieties are available at the k kiosk Tabaksop: 

Those who are more interested in a fine cut and aim for a mild fruity aroma are well served by the L&M Blue. A lighter and therefore milder variant can be found in the L&M Silver Label Box. However, both L&M tobacco varieties are made from a high-quality fine-cut tobacco.

L&M cigarettes strength: smoking experience with taste

Mature tobacco leaves are used for every L&M cigarette. This is how the full-bodied flavour is achieved, among other things, and L&M strength is described precisely by high-quality harvesting and manufacturing processes. The cigarette is just as popular with pleasure smokers as with occasional smokers, as the taste is completed by a harmoniously coordinated blend.

Between Virgina, Burley and Oriental tobacco, the unique quality standard is achieved at L&M and depending on the variation or pack, the L&M differences are gently brought out through minor adjustments.

L&M cigarettes nicotine content: 

  • L&M Blue Box: 0.5 mg nicotine / 6 mg tar / 7 mg carbon monoxide.
  • L&M Red Box: 0.7 mg nicotine / 10 mg tar / 10 mg carbon monoxide
  • L&M Forward Box: 0.4 mg nicotine / 6 mg tar / 6 mg carbon monoxide 
  • L&M Silver Box: 0.3 mg nicotine / 4 mg tar / 5 mg carbon monoxide 
The L&M differences become apparent when looking at the nicotine content. As the L&M nicotine content is designed for a high taste experience, the L&M Silver Box and the L&M Forward Box have nevertheless succeeded in retaining the traditional taste while foregoing a higher nicotine content. The taste proves L&M right and so all cigarettes at L&M shake hands and fulfil the classic smoking need for a full-bodied, spicy tobacco taste. 

L&M cigarettes price: A selection of our tobacco offers 

In our k kiosk cigarette assortment you will find attractive L&M carton prices. If you buy several sticks of L&M, you can get a quantity discount of up to 10%.

You get the best L&M tobacco price when you buy the new L&M Forward Box, which has a single pack price of CHF 7.90. When you buy 3 sticks, this price is reduced to CHF 7.29 per pack. 

The L&M Blue Label BoxL&M Red Label Box and the L&M Silver Label Box are each priced at CHF 8.10 per pack, but can also be ordered at lower prices by purchasing a minimum of 2 cartons. 

L&M cartons prices: Get a 10% quantity discount 

When you buy at least 2 cartons of L&M cigarettes, our L&M tobacco price is reduced to CHF 7.53 per pack and you get 400 cigarettes for only CHF 150.66.

You get our cheapest L&M cigarettes offer by buying 3 cartons (600 cigarettes). This way you pay only CHF 7.29 per pack of L&M and you benefit from our full 10% quantity discount. 

Buy 3 cartons of L&M for a total of CHF 218.70 (including free shipping). This represents a total saving of CHF 24.30 on the final price.