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A pack of Gitanes has always stood for something special and the French cigarette brand was once a symbol of enjoyment and pleasure. Interestingly, Gitanes cigarettes have long been known (at least in France) as the cigarette brand that was featured in films (such as Out of Breath with Jean Paul Belmondo). Placed slightly at the corner of the mouth, Gitanes belonged to a certain type of smoker many years ago and wanted to appeal to a very specific clientele with its deep blue cigarette packet.

Buy Gitanes cigarettes: Pleasure and enjoyment with every puff 

Whether male or female, Gitanes was smoked in an upscale manner, for example in bistros. With his cigarette, Gitanes created a character that was part of the equipment of a relaxed, sometimes mentally digressive attitude to life. Even today, the manufacturer maintains that we must not forget that there is a message behind Gitanes, which is hidden behind every packet. With every cigarette, the desire should also flare up and the brand still wants to get this message across to its customers today. For this very reason, Gitanes tobacco still has a distinctive, spicy taste today. The special processing of high-quality air-cured tobacco stands for a full-bodied smoking experience, both yesterday and today.

Gitanes varieties: two varieties - one experience 

Anyone who can afford to keep just two cigarettes on the market has a specific idea behind their product. The Gitanes cigarette varieties are divided into two categories. One with and one without a filter.

In our online store you have the opportunity to purchase the following classic: 

Gitanes Bleu Soft (without filter)

Gitanes tobacco varieties: The new recipe

Gitanes and its dark tobacco were reoriented a few years ago and increasingly adapted to the needs of modern smokers. Gitanes tobacco still tastes strong and intense and shows its classic aroma especially in the filterless varieties. Gitanes Bleu Soft, the original Gitanes recipe has not been changed, only the tobacco leaves and places of origin have been slightly adapted.

Gitanes cigarette strength: smoking experience with flavor

The typical French flavor is accompanied by an aromatic aftertaste and a smoky intensity. Thanks to the air-cured tobacco, the Gitanes strength offers a very special note, which is achieved by the dark American blend. The Gitanes cigarette strength achieves its unmistakable aroma through the extraction process and air-cured tobacco leaves.

Gitanes cigarette price: Attractive quantity discount

Thanks to our volume discount, you benefit from attractive pack prices and shipping is free from a purchase value of CHF 160. By the way: You benefit from the quantity discount from the purchase of 2 cartons.

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