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Already in 1873, the Chesterfield cigarette brand began its triumphant march to one of the most popular cigarette brands in the world. The acquisition of Phillip Morris took place in 1998, and Chesterfield is now one of the largest cigarette manufacturers in the world.

Chesterfield focuses on taste and intensity

From the very beginning, the brand focused on different flavors and intensities within its tobacco. The brand gained popularity and public interest not only because of its unique tobacco taste, but also because of popular advertising campaigns in 1950. Some actors and personalities, such as Humphrey Bogart or James Dean, were passionate smokers of Chesterfield cigarettes. Even the later U.S. President Ronald Reagen stood up for the brand as a smoker in the 1940s. Chesterfield buy stands since then and for good reason for style and taste, - the fine aromatic Chesterfield tobacco ensures.

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The unique Chesterfield tobacco convinces with a first-class fine cut, which is described especially by lovers of the brand as aromatic, unaffected and pure. All cigarettes of this classic American Blend carry this characteristic, and so also within the Chesterfield tobacco (for rolling and plugging) this fine aromatic taste is found within the tobacco blend.

Buy Chesterfield: A unique tobacco

Traditional taste and intense tobacco notes - those who build their smoking experience on this foundation will make the right choice with Chesterfield. The tobacco is easy to handle and provides a pleasant smoking experience due to its natural freshness.

Chesterfield varieties: Traditional and Aromatic

For all those who prefer a special flavor when smoking, will quickly find within the Chesterfield cigarette varieties. The product offering and range of flavors set Chesterfield cigarettes apart from many other manufacturers. The Chesterfield White Box is sometimes very popular with smokers who prefer a mild and slightly fruity-tart flavor, as it comes with a reduced nicotine content. A stronger variant is the Chesterfield Orange Box and offers as a classic filter cigarette a strong flavour. Whichever Chesterfield cigarette varieties you choose, you are opting for an excellent American blend tobacco.

Chesterfield tobacco: A brand tobacco for rolling and stuffing

The quality tobacco from Chesterfield also offers high-quality tobacco varieties for rolling or stuffing yourself. Produced in several German cities, the tobacco is highly valued for its workmanship. The Chesterfield tobacco varieties are available depending on individual preferences in different flavors, - but also pack sizes:

Chesterfield Cigarettes Strength: How intense does the tobacco blend taste?

Due to finely balanced tobacco varieties, the tobacco taste of Chesterfield cigarettes multiplies during smoking. The differences in Chesterfield tobacco are found in the nicotine content as well as in the amount of tar. While a carefully balanced blend of Virginia, Oriental and Burley tobacco is found in all Chesterfield cigarettes strengths, within each pack Chesterfield cigarettes still differ in character.

Chesterfield cigarettes: Nicotine content and differences

Chesterfield White Box 0.3 mg nicotine / 4 mg tar / 5 mg carbon monoxide

Chesterfield Original Box 0.5 mg nicotine / 6 mg tar / 7 mg carbon monoxide

Chesterfield Orange Box 0.6 mg nicotine / 8 mg tar / 9 mg carbon monoxide 

Chesterfield Unplugged Nakes Leaf Box 0.5 mg nicotine / 6 mg tar / 7 mg

Carbon Monoxide

Smoke lovers will find the significantly milder variants, which also carry an aromatic fresh taste, in the Chesterfield White Box and the Chesterfield Original Box. Chesterfield's American Blend filter cigarettes with the most intense flavor can be found in the pack of Chesterfield Orange Box with a total of 8 mg of tar.

Chesterfield cigarettes price: quantity discount when buying 2 sticks.

The cheapest Chesterfield cigarettes available as a single pack are the Chesterfield Orange, which are available from as little as CHF 7.20. When you buy at least 2 cartons of Chesterfield White cigarettes, you save up to CHF 11.48.

Free shipping and up to 10% off when you buy at least 3 cartons of Chesterfield.

If you choose our Chesterfield tobacco stick prices, you have the opportunity to save up to 10%. When you buy at least 3 sticks of (for example) Chesterfield Original, you will receive free shipping directly to your home. By buying 3 cartons of Chesterfield Original, the unit price of a pack of Chesterfield cigarettes is reduced to an unbeatable CHF 7.38 per pack (total savings of CHF 24.60 + free shipping).

Chesterfield Tobacco Price

When you buy ourChesterfield Myo Tin 90g tobacco, you get up to 5% discount when you buy 3 tins. This reduces the price per tin to CHF 17.10 each and gives you a total saving of CHF 2.70.

Take advantage of further savings when you buy 2 boxes of Chesterfield Unplugged Naked Leaf 25g tobacco and save up to 15%. The unit price per pack is reduced to CHF 5.10 each for a total savings of an incomparable CHF 18.00.