Collection: Zyn

Discover ZYN Snus: The perfect way to experience the full pleasure of tobacco without smoking and without any tobacco at all. The snus variants from ZYN are tobacco-free - no smoke, no ash & no annoying cigarette odor. ZYN offers a discreet and convenient alternative that can be used anywhere, anytime - be it on the plane, while traveling or at work. Experience a wide range of flavors with ZYN, from traditional to exotic. Choose the nicotine strength to suit your taste, from 1 for a mild experience up to 4 for maximum nicotine strength. Buy your snus from ZYN now at k kiosk tobacco store and benefit from our quantity discount. 

ZYN variety of flavors

ZYN offers an impressive variety of flavors, ranging from classic and authentic to exotic. You can enjoy the traditional snus experience with the three mint snus varieties; ZYN Icy Mint, ZYN Cool Mint and ZYN Spearmint. Experience an exciting journey with the two snus varieties ZYN Chili Guava and ZYN Icy Blackcurrant. No matter which flavor you prefer, you'll find it at ZYN. 

ZYN nicotine strengths

ZYN's snus variants are currently aimed at regular snus users, as only nicotine strengths 3 and 4 are available. Nicotine strength 3 stands for strong and 4 for extra strong. You will find the mildest variant at ZYN Spearmint. The remaining 3 snus varieties from ZYN are all strength 4.

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