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Discover VELO Snus: The perfect way to experience the full pleasure of tobacco without smoking and without any tobacco at all. The snus variants from VELO are tobacco-free - no smoke, no ash & no annoying cigarette smell. VELO Snus offers a discreet and convenient alternative that can be used anywhere, anytime - on the train, on the plane or at work. Enjoy a variety of flavors with VELO Snus, from traditional to exotic. Choose the nicotine strength to suit your taste, from 1 for less strong to 6 for maximum strength. Experience VELO Snus and immerse yourself in a world of flavor and enjoyment.

Variety of flavors

VELO Snus offers an amazing variety of flavors, ranging from traditional to exotic. You can enjoy the classic and authentic snus experience with VELO Polar Mint Easy Mini or embark on an exciting exotic journey with VELO Berry Frost X Strong or embark on an exciting exotic journey with VELO Berry Frost X Strong. VELO LABS offers the right snus flavor for every season - currently, for example, the VELO LABS Ginger. Regardless of your taste, VELO Snus always offers a flavor that suits you.

Variety of strengths

VELO Snus allows you to choose the nicotine strength according to your own taste. From 1 for a less strong nicotine experience to 6 for a maximum nicotine dose. VELO Snus offers the flexibility you need to personalize your snus experience. With 4.0 mg per pouch VELO Polar Mint Easy Mini is the perfect choice for beginners. The maximum nicotine dose offers you VELO X-Freeze Max with 20 mg nicotine per pouch.

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