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Batton Full Flavor Volumen Tobacco 95 g

Batton Full Flavor Volumen Tobacco 95 g

Batton has always impressed with originality and premium American Blend quality at an attractive price in the value-for-money segment and convinces as an inexpensive brand alternative compared to the well-known tobacco products in Switzerland. The high quality cigarette tobacco Batton Full Flavour is a high-yield volume tobacco for plugging cigarettes with the machine. Only selected tobaccos are used for this tasty and loose volume tobacco. The Full Flavour American Blend consists of the selected tobaccos Virginia, Burley and Orient. Through a special manufacturing process, the tobacco is even more productive, gets extra volume and can therefore be processed particularly well. The cigarette tobacco in the vacuum-sealed 95g tin is enough for about 210 cigarettes and convinces price-conscious smokers with an intense spicy taste. A blend of 100% Virginia tobaccos is an integral part of the brand core and provides the natural Pepe Rich Green cigarette tobacco the distinctive, natural taste! The full-bodied tobacco is produced according to high quality standards from a harmoniously matched tobacco blend of sun-ripened Virginia tobaccos and is free of burning aids, preservatives, humectants and flavor additives. Pepe Rich Green cigarette tobacco offers consumers a full-bodied smoking experience with an intensely spicy flavor.

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