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The tobacco heaters from Ploom combine innovative technology with real tobacco enjoyment, without the smell of cigarette smoke. The trend of tobacco heaters is unstoppable, as the advantages are obvious:

• No fire and no ash: Since there is no combustion process, you don't need a lighter and produce no ash. This is why tobacco heaters are also known as heat-not-burn (HNB) devices.

 Real tobacco enjoyment: Ploom offers a convincing alternative to smoking without sacrificing the typical tobacco taste.

Buy tobacco heaters online: The advantages of Ploom tobacco heaters at a glance

• No ash

• No cigarette smoke smell

• Authentic tobacco enjoyment at the touch of a button for up to 20 uses per charge

• Easy handling thanks to LED strip and touch operation

Ploom X Advanced: Innovative tobacco heater

The Ploom X Advanced allows you to enjoy Camel Sticks and impresses with its short charging time and wide range of personalization options. Available in the colors:

Slate Grey

Champagne Gold

Varied tobacco sticks for unique enjoyment

The Ploom Sticks from Camel offer an intense, authentic tobacco flavor and are an excellent alternative to cigarettes. Each pack contains 20 sticks of the specially developed ActivBlend tobacco blend, which consists of premium tobacco. There are the following flavors available:

• Camel Azure Sticks

• Camel Bronze Sticks

• Camel Gold Sticks

• Camel Tan Sticks

• Camel Gleam Option Sticks

• Camel Purple Option Sticks

• Camel Silver Sticks

Prices and quantity discount

Thanks to our quantity discount, you benefit from attractive prices and shipping is free for purchases over CHF 160.You can benefit from these discounts if you buy just two sticks of Ploom tobacco sticks.

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