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SHEER ELEGANCE - So chic! With its design, the new CRYSTAL BAR is definitely an eye-catcher. Thanks to the advanced mesh coil and the extended resistance, it delivers a consistent nicotine flow and, according to the manufacturer, an enhanced taste. With 11 different flavors, you are sure to find your favorite one - 3 variants are even nicotine-free.

The combination of its attractive design, 500mAh battery capacity and low resistance makes for a fantastic vaping experience.

Variety of flavors

The e-cigarettes and vapes from CRYSTAL include summery flavors such as Watermelon Ice and Blueberry Rasperries. But also classic flavors like menthol are also offered by CRYSTAL.

Nicotine-free variants

• Crystal Benfica Menthol

Crystal Strawberry Burst

Crystal Honey Melon 

CRYSTAL Bar Price: Attractive quantity discounts

Thanks to our quantity discount, you benefit from attractive box prices and shipping is free for purchases over CHF 160. By the way: You benefit from the quantity discount from the purchase of one box (10 pieces).

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