Collection: Snus

Here you will find the best tobacco products from Scandinavia. Snus is a traditional form of tobacco enjoyment from Sweden that enjoys great popularity worldwide. It offers tobacco and nicotine users an option to consume nicotine without the inconveniences of cigarettes, tobacco heaters and e-cigarettes such as smoke, vapor and the smell of smoke.

What is snus?

Snus is usually tobacco that is packaged in small nicotine pouches and simply placed under the upper lip. This allows you to enjoy the full flavor without leaving any smoke or tobacco residue behind. Snus from VELO, ZYN and edel is also tobacco-free. 

Our selection of snus

In our snus assortment we have a wide range of flavors and strengths so you can find exactly what you are looking for. From traditional tobacco flavors like the Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint Extra Strong 17mg to refreshing fruit flavors like the VELO Berry Frost X-Strong we offer snus for every taste. Our range includes, among others, the well-known brands VELO, Nordic Spirit, edel, ZYN and ¡VALE! which stand for quality and authenticity. And if you want to try snus without tobacco, then the brands VELO, ZYN and edel are just right. Are you a fan of loose snus and looking for the right paper for full enjoyment? Then we recommend the FILT Snus Paper. It enables you to use loose chewing tobacco and snus without the need for cigarette paper, tissues or cut-up tea bags. 

Why snus?

With snus you can experience the full pleasure of tobacco without smoking - no smoke, no ash, no unpleasant smell. The snus variations from VELO and ZYN are even tobacco-free.

Discreet and convenient:
Snus is inconspicuous and can be used anywhere and at any time without disturbing others - whether on the train, on the plane or at work. And thanks to the mini formats of VELO and Nordic Spirit the snus tin fits comfortably in any trouser pocket.

Variety of flavors:
Discover a world of flavors from traditional to exotic. Ptry, for example, the VELO Mint for a classic and authentic snus experience, or venture into the VELO Tropic Breeze for an exciting exotic touch.

Strengths to suit your taste:
Choose snus with the nicotine strength that suits you, from 1 for a weak nicotine experience to 6 for the maximum nicotine dose. You can usually recognize the nicotine strength by the dot system on the snus can.

Easy handling:
The use of snus is very intuitive. Open the snus can, nout a nicotine pouch/snus and place it between your gums and your upper lip. Now you can enjoy your snus.

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