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Iqos Iluma Terea Blue

Iqos Iluma Terea Blue


Deep and cooling tobacco experience.
Deep menthol cooling combined with a mellow tobacco blend and enhanced by peppermint and creamy vanilla aroma notes.

Each pack contains 20 TEREA tobacco sticks.

IQOS ILUMA™ is designed to be used only with TEREA™ sticks. 
Do not ingest or disassemble TEREA™ sticks. This product contains a sharp metal part which can cause serious injury if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children.

*This product contains menthol.

1 Pack

20 Sticks

5 Pack available now

CHF 8.20

1 Cartons

200 Sticks

Available immediately

CHF 82.00

Only CHF 7.87 per Pack

2 Cartons

400 Sticks

Available immediately

CHF 157.44

Save 6.56

Only CHF 7.71 per Pack

3 Cartons

600 Sticks

Available immediately

CHF 231.24

Save 14.76
+ Free shipping

Only CHF 7.54 per Pack

4 Cartons

800 Sticks

Available immediately

CHF 301.76

Save 26.24
+ Free shipping

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