Collection: Accessories & Smokers Supply

Our wide selection of tobacco and smokers supply, ranging from cigarette tubes to stuffers, offer something for every smoker's need.

Whether you like to roll or stuff tobacco yourself, you like long-papes or simply you are searching for a lighter, our available categories leave nothing left to be desired.

- Cigarette paper

- Cigarette tubes

- Cigarette filters

- Lighters and matchers

- Stuffing machines

Up to 30% quantity discount when buying cigarette papers online

No matter if you prefer the popular OCB Slims cigarette papers or the Smoking DW Browns – Buying Smoking Products online has never been so easy and inexpensive as at the kkiosk Tabakshop. Because not only do we offer attractive quantity discounts, but when you buy at least 2 boxes (100 pieces) we deliver your Long-Papes directly to your door and free of charge.

Buy Papers Online

Everyone has their own preferences, due to this we are spoiling you on your choice and offering you classic OCB or Gizeh Papers, Smoking Red, or unbleached Organic Slim Rolls Organic. Such Organic Slims are made of organically grown hemp paper and are characterized mainly by the quality and the special twist feeling.

All cigarette paper brands at a glance:

- OCB cigarette paper

- Smoking cigarette paper

- Rizla cigarette paper

- Gizeh cigarette paper

- Rips cigarette paper

Buy cigarette tubes and get up to 5% quantity discount

Our cigarette tubes come in the classic king-size standard format and fit all conventional stuffing machines. Self-stuffers will find high quality stuffers in addition to our diverse selection of tubes. Our cigarette stoppers are made of sturdy plastic and are wonderful for self-stuffing cigarettes. The ideal for filter cigarettes is, for example, using the Batton tamping machine together with the matching Batton cigarette tubes.

Our range includes the following cigarette tube manufacturers:

- Batton cigarette tubes

- Parisienne cigarette tubes

- Winston cigarette tubes

- Black Hawk cigarette tubes

- Energy cigarette tubes

- Lucky Strike cigarette tubes

- OCB cigarette tubes

Buy cigarette filters and get up to 30% quantity discount

Quality is especially important when it comes to cigarette filters, which is why we at kkiosk Tabakshop pay special attention to high-quality products. With a selection of a total of 8 branded products, such as the OCB filter in slim size format or the natural slims of Rizla, depending on taste and requirements, we offer various cigarette filters to roll on your own.

Our cigarette filter brands at a glance:

- Rizla cigarette filter

- OCB cigarette filters

- Zig Zag Cigarette Filter

- Filt cigarette filter

- Giza cigarette filter

- Smoking cigarette filter

Save up to 30% on the total price when you buy at least 2 boxes of cigarette filters (40 pieces). For example, save up to CHF 35.40 when you buy Gizeh Slim cigarette filters, which corresponds to a unit price of CHF 2.06 per pack.